Adam Kleizer

The Dynasty

Thursday, March 2nd, 2006

The Dynasty is a roleplaying game about the ruling family of an empire. This game is a storytelling game and a competitive game at the same time.

The game plays in three sessions, each of them three hours long. Each session is featuring a critical era of a ruler’s domination, possibly ending with the fall of that ruler and coronation of another member of the family. Players will control the members of this family. Their goal will be to take hold of the power over their country.


At the beginning of actual play every player has the chance of narrating a Story. Players who want to use this possibility apply for a Story.

Players will then bid Authority points for the control over narration. Whoever won the bid must subtract the winning bid from his Authority score, but gets the control over narration for the time of the Story. That?s the only benefit from winning the bid, so be careful when bidding high values.

Narrating a Story can only be profitable if the narrator?s character is involved in many Battles during the Story! Winning Battles is the only way to recover the Authority points the player spent on becoming a narrator. As a bonus, taking part in Battles is the only way a player can be the winner of the campaign.

There are some rules about narrating a Story:

  • The Story must be formed in a way that ensures all player characters are involved. Leaving out a player character from a Story puts the player at a disadvantage and is therefore not acceptable.
  • Player characters are still always controlled by the appropriate player.
  • Conflicts between characters can?t be narrated. These events are Battles and have their own rules.
  • The Story can?t by-pass the profit of a Battle. Never.
  • The Story can?t take away control of the country from the ruling player character.

A Story can?t last longer than one hour. If the narrator wants to continue narrating, he has to bid for the control again. He can also continue if no one wants to bid for narration.