Aldo Ojeda Campos

Torus One

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Torus One RPG is a science fiction role-playing game, where all the action happens in a crowded ring-shaped space station with a circumference of 1609 meters.

Here, players will not be diplomats, space marines or romanticized scoundrels. Instead, they’ll be the workers that do all the stuff that happens in the background.


Uninteresting, you say?


That’s because you haven’t been in Torus One before.

Torus One RPG was written for the 24 Hour RPG Competition – Little Spaces

Princes of Arabia

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

We are thieves, rulers of the streets. Ours is the world. We are the Princes of Arabia.

This game was written for the 24 Hour RPG Movie Mashup Competition hosted in 1KM1KT. The idea was to mix two movies and make a game out of it. I picked Aladdin and Riders of the Lost Ark. From this movies came the idea of tomb riders in a fantastic version of ancient middle east, getting into trouble to find treasures protected by genies.