Colin Fredericks


Monday, November 28th, 2011

Pantheon is a storytelling game about a hero’s journey and the trials devised by the gods. It uses mythic Greece as its setting, and is designed to emulate such stories as the Odyssey, though it can be adapted to other mythologies. Pantheon was designed for National Game Design Month 2011, as a game with multiple GMs and a single player.

Sufficiently Advanced

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

A roleplaying game of the far future. Characters work for AIs who can send themselves messages from the future. Attributes are based on built-in technology, and players can use Twists to affect the plot.

Once upon a time, fire was at the cutting edge of technology. Those who had it were almost gods to those who didn’t. They were warm in the winter. They could live farther north and higher in the mountains. They could flush out game. They were sick less often and lived longer. Those who could actually make fire were gods among gods, creating the light and warmth and power it gave with their own two hands and some very particular stones.

Of course, we know now that fire isn’t magic. It might be “magical” to some people, beautiful and dangerous, flickering and dancing with a life of its own, but it is comprehensible to those who use it. Eventually, as more people used it and understood it, although its beauty and danger remained, it was not seen as magic. It was a tool — one of the first pieces of technology.