Edward Boudreaux

The Baubles of Hamlin

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006

In The Baubles of Hamlin the players take on the roles of apprentices and Scholars in a guild of crafters existing in an alternate world Victorian age. These apprentice and Scholar characters are given four tasks, called Trials, to complete in order for the Scholars to advance to the level of Master in the guild hierarchy. Each Trial must be completed within a given time frame. Characters are directed to work cooperatively, but may have secret orders to foil the actions of other characters.


Glasscrafting and You

Welcome to the astounding and challenging world of Glasscrafting. This textbook, Edward Boudreauxized by the most noble Royal Education Guild, is a wholesome introduction to the history and techniques of a fine art, Glasscrafting, the study of which will reward the industrious apprentice for a lifetime.

As you read this textbook you will come across a variety of special formatting conventions, made possible by the most excellent stamping and publishing skills of Tellrooney and Co. Printers.

One such convention highlights definitions of new words. The word will stand out in bold print, with the definition following immediately behind.