Frank Tarcikowski

Mud Planet

Sunday, November 13th, 2005

Travel the venomous swamps of the Mud Planet. Link your mind with the mind of the savage beast, master the Dragon and become a Lancer, sworn to protect your people in these times of chaos. But beware: The bond is not a one way street, and the Dragon’s instincts and urges are of violent power.

Scundea, the Mud Planet, is a foul place. Treacherous swamps and pools of rotting water stretch far and wide under a sick yellowish sun.

The Dragons that roam the overcast skies are hideous creatures of terrible might and cruel cunning.

But those few Gifted who dare touch the predator?s mind, those chosen champions that dare mount and master the Dragon, are bearers of hope to a people abandoned by civilization long ago.

The Lancers, as they are called, must not falter in their discipline and devotion, for the Dragon?s urges and instincts are of violent power.

Those who fail become beasts themselves, Savages that dwell in the wild and have forgotten all about virtue and reason.

Yet in the linking of souls, the stirring of the beast inside the man, lies great power and terrible temptation to behold.

Can you handle the mind of a Dragon?

My Girlfriend’s a Slut/My Boyfriend’s a Dick

Thursday, September 1st, 2005

A roleplaying game for two, in which the players take on the roles of boyfriend and girlfriend in an unhealthy, abusive relationship.

?My Girlfriend?s a Slut/My Boyfriend?s a Dick? (Slut/Dick) is really two games that mirror one another. Both are about unhealthy relationships. The two players take on the roles of boyfriend and girlfriend. Obviously, in Slut, she is the asshole, whereas in Dick, he is.

The other partner in the relationship is in a desperate position: he loves, he hates, he hopes, he suffers. Will he finally be able to make up his mind? To defeat his obsession and give up on what makes him sick? Or will the trap close on him? Will he chain himself with iron manacles to this pity life of humiliation and abuse? That?s what this game is