Jake Mccurry


Thursday, July 1st, 2010

LIGHTNING, by J MaC game
pic included for better explanation.
please tell me what you think

1. the same teams offense line cannot cross its defensive line (opponent wins) (this would cause confusion)

2.one teams defense kills the other teams offense by forcing them both to meet at the end (defense line will always kill offensive line)

3.offensive lines can go through the middle of the defensive line but not the end

4.both or all teams offenses are alowed to cross each other at any piont even at end (defenses get the same rule)

5.any line can loop its self or go through its self, unlike the game “snake” (but the end of the line cannot retreat to the squar it was previosly in)

6. offenses try to make it to the goal, while the defense try to stop it

7.played on 10×10 grid (as showed in photo)

thank you for your time