Jesse Burneko


Monday, February 7th, 2011

This game was written for the February, 2011 Ronnies project.  The challenge is to design an RPG inspired by two of four words provided.  The words chosen for this game are Murder and Whisper.  The game attempts to incorporate those words by focusing on a character who has committed a desperate murder and is followed by the ghost of his victim who constantly whispers in his ear.

Fight Sphere

Friday, October 14th, 2005

The Sphere is the size of a large city. From its surface can be seen an eternal night sky above and a flat never ending desert below. No one knows where the Sphere is. No one knows who built it. No one knows why it exists. No one knows how they got there.

Every inhabitant of the sphere was plucked from their former lives and woke up here. Some survive, some die. No one leaves. On the sphere there is no government and there are no rules. A select few are different.

These few wake up with a weapon beside them and a digital display device embedded in their left hand. The device constantly cycles a sequence of names and faces. The sequence ends with a simple phrase, “Kill or Be Killed…” These few are called “Gladiators.” No one is really sure what happens to the last one standing, maybe you’ll find out.

This is a game about playing Gladiators, people plucked from their former lives and forced to kill each other for an unknown prize. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. A lot more people than the Gladiators have been snatched from their former lives and forced to live on The Sphere. These people have formed their own gangs, tribes, governments and other communities and come with all the complications of everyday human life.

One of the design goals of Fight Sphere is to focus the game on the Gladiators’ interactions with these communities. The more the character’s engage with the situations and conflicts found among these people the greater their chances of surviving Gladiatorial Encounters.

The primary influences on this game are the films Series 7, Cube and Escape From New York. Episodic television series such as The Fugitive and The Hulk are also major influences. The mechanics borrow heavily from the games The Pool, Trollbabe, My Life With Master and The Farm.