Joshua Ely

7th Seal: Armageddon RPG

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

7th Seal is a cinematic role playing game based on post-apocalyptic anime. Within this book you will find all the rules and inspiration you need to create heroes, build adventures and save the world, or what is left of it.

7th Seal reveals a world in chaos, ravaged by the Last War, Armageddon, a viral contagion and an alien invasion. From this disastrous beginning, though, emerges a new breed of heroes. Forged in the fire of war, fueled with Old Testament faith, alien technology and psionic mutations these heroes fight to bring order out of chaos, to rebuild and protect their world, and to defeat the Leviathan. So don you power suit, say your prayers, grab your lucky plasma rifle and your psionic friend, too, and let’s kick some mutant-demon-zombie-alien-butt