Kees Kalonick

The Sword of Martin

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

The Sword of Martin allows players to take on the role of creature’s in Brain Jacques’s world of Redwall. It uses a versatile priority-based system that uses a roll-high d10 resolution mechanic. These two facets combine well, allowing players to truly take on whatever role they care to, from a former family man whose life was ruined by vermin to an exiled otter prince. The world of Redwall is yours.

The Sword of Martin is a pen and paper roleplaying game that has, as an understood setting, the world that Brian Jacques depicts in his world-famous Redwall series. This rulebook assumes that the reader has at least cursory knowledge of both the Redwall series and roleplaying games. To properly play this game, the players (of which there should at least be two) at least one of each of the following die: d4, d6, d8, d10, and d10

Before players begin making their characters, they should now what they aim to create. This could be as simple as “Otter warrior-wanderer” or more detailed like “former family beast displaced by band of vermin”. By knowing more about your character’s past, they can become more than a collection of numbers, but legendary and fun characters to be talked about for years to come.

Star Wars: Great Hyperspace War

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

“The galaxy is in great peril. With the advent of the Sith invasion of the galaxy, the Jedi order is calling on their members to take an active role in the defense of the galaxy. The Sith are ruthless enemies with nothing to lose, so the characters must out forth their every effort to stop them. This game takes place during the Great Hyperspace War, a time of Sith expansion, and the players assume the role of Jedi in order to combat the threat to galactic safety. With a variety of Force powers, classes, and species to choose from, the Sith won’t know what hit them.”

A Note from the Author
This title borrows heavily from the Star Wars line of games (both revised and Saga editions) from Wizards of the Coast, and from West End games. It also uses the crystals, emitters, lenses, and energy cells from the Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords with little change in their effects. Most similarities between those products and this game are not coincidental, and are, in fact, intended. I thank the creators of those products profusely, and gives them full credit for their work.