Monday, April 6th, 2009

Atlantis is a roleplaying game where you play the last inhabitants of the Isle of Atlantis during its last days. Atlantis is burning and at midnight will sink into the sea, forever. Attempt to flee Atlantis while facing your Hopes, deeds, fears, and dooms before midnight, when Atlantis sinks under the waves forever.

Apathy: The Calling

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

Apathy: The Calling is a lighthearted RPG in the vein of games such as call of cthulhu. The Player’s play everyday joes picked by Cthulhu and must deal with their increasingly weird world.

[1.2] Introduction or This is YOUR life!

Stan sat there on the couch, while the Yuggya invaded his home, but it was okay, America’s Funniest Retards was on the TV. The Yuggya moved carefully their blind eyes useless, reaching out with their mind’s eye, looking for the spark of recognition, of horror, of gibbering denials. Stan was watching the multichannel, 600 hundred channels in one. Stan didn’t even have to click any more. The floors creaked under the Yuggya feet as they turned toward the door, their man form crammed with alien thoughts.

Their prey had evaded them somehow. Confused they left.

Stan sat there, watching the daily-night show for a little while more , before falling asleep in front of the television. The Infomericals lured him to sleep with the hypnotic lure of a weird flute. Asleep and on the verge of dream space, Stan stopped. Perhaps Apathy was the only way!

Welcome to Apathy:The Calling a Role Playing Game. In this game you play regular folk dealing with the mythos in the only way they can in the modern age, with apathy. As one of the select few for unknown reasons you can hear Dread Cthulhu as he dreams, calling you to commit unspeakable acts. Fortunately you’ve long been accustomed to ignoring inconvenient realities. You fight back with the inertia and apathy, that has defined you as a generation of slackers, miscreants, good for nothings, baby busters and losers.

Apathy, the Role Playing game is a game about the lost generation, everyday life and cthulhu.