Michael Wenman

The Bodhisattva’s Smile

Saturday, November 30th, 2013

At the ends of the known world, hidden in a sacred cave, there lie a group of ancient semi-divine beings who have remained in the physical plane to assist those who have yet to achieve divine peace. This game tells the stories of the wanderers who seek nirvana, and the enigmatic guides who determine if they are worthy.

Designed in 24 hours for the 2013 “Harder than Granite” challenge. To play this game you’ll also need some tokens, a magic eight ball, and a copy of the “Mandala of All Things”.


Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Entry for the Ronnies 2011

A game about Crows;

Humans are stupid.

Maybe there are a few of them who are clever in their own
ways, but on the whole they don’t know much about the
world of the spirits, they don’t know what happens to them
after they die, they don’t even understand the damage they
are doing to the world they live in.

Most of the other intelligent Animals wrote them off as a lost
cause centuries ago, in a few more centuries they’ll wipe
themselves out. Only a few of us still care about them; but
the Dogs have become too close, forgetting their sacred pro-
tective duties, the Cats have always had agendas of their own,
the Rats have lost their way and many of the wild Beasts are
scared to walk into the great canyons of steel and glass.

As one of the few old races at home in the cities and the wild,
we are still able to do what is necessary. We might not be able
to restore the balance, but we can stop it getting too far out of
control. By imparting wisdom to the living, and bringing
back the dead, we can help the humans get things right. This
is still their world, even if they are killing it, but through
bringing back the dead ones willing to make a change, im-
parting wisdom to the ones willing to listen, and leaving the
right hints for the inquisitive, we can channel the humans
into making the changes that might just save us all.