Szymon Noobirus Piecha


Sunday, January 4th, 2015

This is “Starguide” – a little game about Stars, who guide two Wanderers to meet each other.

It is short (something about 2000 signs, I believe), and was written by my – Łukasz “Skavenloft” KoÅ‚odziej, consulted with “MichaÅ‚ “vonMansfeld” Przygodzki and translated by Szymon “Noobirus” Piecha.
We are all freelance game-designers from Poland, and it is first time that we ever try to submit anything for any contest. The whole creation and translation process take us less than twelve hours. English isn’t our first language, but we do our best to translate this as good as we can. We hope you will like this little game as much, as we do