Tim Bisaillon

Enchanted Tales

Thursday, March 31st, 2005

Here’s my entry to the 24hr RPG challenge. It’s called Enchanted Tales and it is an urban fantasy rpg.

I?ve always been fascinated by fairy tales set in the modern world. I like the idea of elves, fairies and demonic critters still lurk out there, just hidden from our view. That out of the corner of your eye you might just catch a glimpse of them, and when you turn to look you chalk it up to an overimagination.

Because you are not sure what you think you saw, but the mind rationalizes it. A fairy flying past the window, could be just a reflection of a car headlead, or someone with a flashlight. The big brutish wrestlers on television are indeed, ogres and trolls duking it out.

Enchanted Tales is a fantasy set in our world, in the here and now. Though, the imagination of man has been dimmed to their cynical beliefs. The mind has been programmed not to see fairies, elves, trolls or treefolk, but your character has. And they have been awakened to the world that is just beyond our belief.

Enchanted Tales is inspired by urban fantasy as well as fairytales.