Barbarians of Lemuria

Half a million years ago, on the lost continent of Lemuria in the Pacific, the first civilizations arose from the red murk of barbarism. For thousands of years the first men had struggled heroically to overcome the Dragon Kings – a cruel reptilian race which had ruled the Earth during the Age of Reptiles, but at last The Thousand Year War was done and the Dragon Kings were destroyed or driven from the land.

And so began Nemedis, the first kingdom. Over the centuries her children spread slowly throughout the vast, untamed jungle-lands and across the huge mountain ranges of prehistoric Lemuria and kingdoms were founded…… and fought…… and fell. But with enormous slowness civilization began to grow and before long the first great Empire would unite these tiny warring Kingdoms into one mighty power.

It was an age of warriors, when brave men and beautiful women, savages and savants, wizards and champions struggled to carve a red path that led to the Throne of the World. It was an age of legends and heroic sagas too.

And this is one of them……


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    […] you seen this? Barbarians of Lemuria – 1KM1KT Its really really good […]

  3. AikiGhost Says:

    What a game. I’m absolutely loving it. So much so that I went out and spent £15 on the hardback version from LULU.

    My thanks to Simon Washbourne for creating this modern rules light design classic. If there was any one thing I’d say is for version 2 (if there is one) go crazy on the art budget and get some classic Jeff Easley style cover and internal art.

  4. AikiGhost Says:

    Some B0L Inspirational art by Jeff Easley!!!

  5. pj87 Says:

    Wealth & Resources.pdf is not online. :-(

  6. admin Says:

    Fixed! Thanks for the heads up.

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