Battles: Win or Lose

Mages line up with Warriors to produce an array of power no mortal can resist. The sighs of the dying echo in the the still waters of the radiant dawn, making it impossible to discern the spawn from creation. Rogues, Mystics and Druids align the cosmos with their insufferable strengths. Wizards, Warlocks and Witches hold the powers of mysticism and magic in their beating and sweaty palms, ready to unleash their power upon the world. Hold on to your seat, BATTLES: Win or lose 2008 is about to take this puny world by storm and you are going to witness it first-hand, as the unstoppable Guardian or the heady Supreme Commander. Fear not, though, as you plummet through this world of heated battle your only companion is your best friend, as well as your worst enemy.

The game is called BATTLES: Win or lose and it’s basically an amalgamation of a trading card game and a role-playing game. The object of the game is to beat your opponent Mobs to a pulp. A Mob is a character card that is used to keep track of information including Hit Points, Abilities and Spells. Each Mob is unique and individual, with a separate card for each Mob. There are 28 different Mobs, each with their own unique Abilities and/or Spells.

The game is played with dice. You roll to attack, to cast a spell, to use abilities, to ‘roll up’ a Mob, and to see who goes first. Almost any action your Mob can do, you roll for. Have you ever played a role-playing game and all you wanted to do was roll dice? Have you ever just wanted to have an all out slugfest with your characters? Have you ever played a trading card game and wished there was an easier way to keep track of hit points or counters? BATTLES: WOL uses techniques from both genres to give the power to the player, while maintaining the nostalgic feeling you get when you play your most powerful card.

I hope that you find this game interesting and intriguing. The possibilities are endless and the strategies infinite. I have plans to amend this game with rules for multiple players, monsters, comic book heroes, space battles and campaign rules for the avid role-player.

BATTLES: WOL is a two-player game that challenges Players to use instinct and intuition to defeat their Opponent. This game can be played with just cards, pencil, dice and this booklet. Each card has on it two sides. One side is a stencil of the Battles Logo. This side has information regarding the Title of the Mob (A Mob is the Character Card you play with) and Level Points. On the other side is the individual Mob template, where the scores are taken. These scores include ATT (Attack) DEF (Defense) DMG (Damage) HP (Hit Points) LP (Level Points) etc. Throughout the course of a game, Mobs will lose and gain HP, lose and gain Level Points and use the information in this booklet to adjust Mob Ability, Spells, Attributes and HP.

Players duel with Mobs on a playing field. The playing field is divided into 5 sections for each Player: the Portal, the Umbra, the Stage, the Rank Slot, and the Mausoleum. As the game progresses, Mobs are moved around the playing field as indicated by their Action and/or description. At the beginning of every game, all cards are placed faceup in the Portal. The Portal is located on the right-hand side of the Player. The Umbra is located on the left-hand side of the Player. The Stage is located in front and to the center of the Player, closest to his or her Opponent. The Rank slot is where you place your Rank Card, which is located directly in front of the Player, between the Portal and the Umbra. The Mausoleum is where you place a Mob after it has been defeated.


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