EverQuest is a fantasy roleplaying game set in western Europe. A group of friends is required to play, and one of them is the Game Master. The game contains 10 pages for characters, 1 page for combat, 2 pages for magic, 7 pages of monsters, a page for magical items, and a character sheet, totaling 21 pages.

4 Responses to “EverQuest”

  1. Brahnamin Says:

    You do know EverQuest is a trademarked name, right? Sony’s online fantasy monster? Kinda like WoW? Also a tabletop RPG based off of the online game?

    On a free PDF it probably doesn’t matter, but if you ever decide to publish for pay . . . Just saying.

  2. Finn Gallagher Says:

    Well, I’m not really into online games per say, but I do play some. In this case, I didn’t know what EverQuest was, because I never bothered to look it up. My bad! Also, I’m more than likely not going to publish EverQuest.

  3. taylor Says:

    yeah but everybody still likes both of those awsome games

  4. gage Says:

    well if u have the full game not a demo i guess that it is better that ur world of war craft junk but thats what i think. altho u have to pay for it i mean thats not the good part like 15 $ a month so i guess that its a good game over all. i play with my brother and my dad when hes in iraq.