Travellers Of The Wasteland

Travellers of the Wasteland (TOTW) is a fantasy role-playing game. It is set in a magical otherworld known as the Wasteland, a place of mystery, danger, and adventure. This is a world to be explored, through decision-making and daring; a fabulous realm as hauntingly familiar and maddeningly distant as a dream.

Travellers of the Wasteland is a nostalgia game. It seeks to emulate the author’s first fantasy game world, which was inspired by the Fighting Fantasy and Basic D&D games.

To play, you will need: pencils, paper, some dice (the ordinary six-sided kind), a few friends, a fair amount of imagination, and of course this game.


4 Responses to “Travellers Of The Wasteland”

  1. Miguel de Luis Says:

    A very personal setting that retains the F&F flavour in a way, while being quite original in the same time :)

  2. Renato (from Brazil) Says:


    Thanks for The book, I really love it. Saturday, with friends, I will ren an adventure and see what they think. But I have a doubt about combat rules. As I see, damage taken is based on oponent´s armor, but I dont see nothing indicating how many damage a weapon should do. For exmaple: if an adventurer is using a sword, and his oponent has no armor, how much damage will the sword cause?
    Thanks again.

  3. The Scarecrow King Says:

    From p. 21…

    Someone who is unarmoured, or a
    creature with thin skin, will take 3 points of damage from an
    attack. Someone wearing leather armour, or a creature with
    thick hide, will take 2 points of damage from an attack.
    Someone wearing mail armour, or a creature with tough
    hide, will take 1 point of damage from an attack.

  4. Agent P Says:

    Fun to browse through. You accurately captured the nostalgia of early D&D, when rules didn’t matter so much and it was just about fun.