HALO: Combat Miniatures Evolved

Halo: Combat Miniatures Evolved is a miniatures game created by Neuicon, Sean Daniels and Kathy Ahern in where you control the forces of the USNC and wage war against the Covenant.

All you need are the rules from S:TMC and the stats from this project and you’re ready to go!

This game is currently in the beta stage and runs off the original rules for Stacraft: Tactical Miniatures Combat. In order to play this game, you will need the original S:TMC game, which can be downloaded here.

As the Crushpop Gaming System (a universal miniatures gaming system, by Neuicon) is currently in development, this game will be run under the original S:TMC rules, so look forward to an updated universal system which will allow you to play in the Halo universe in the near future.

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3 Responses to “HALO: Combat Miniatures Evolved”

  1. CounterFett Says:


    I was working on this very thing, but you beat me to it. Perhaps not surprising, given that the original game was your baby also, but still!

    Thanks a million. I will let you know about how I fare, as well as talking about it on the blog!

  2. Neuicon Says:

    Haha, thanks for the feedback. I had followed your blog and posted a few times on it, but I’m glad you were pleased with it. Many thanks. :)

  3. Neuicon Says:


    The listed Grunt did not specify it’s weapon’s range. Here is the correction:

    Standard Issue Weapon: Pulse Rifle, 24″ Range