Welcome to Hive World Golgotha XVII; you are an Inquisitor of the great Imperium of Man in the world of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. You have been summoned to cleanse an underground base infested with Chaos.

This is a solitaire Role Playing Game and should be easily played and completed.

Inquisition was created by Neuicon and Sean Daniels. We hope you enjoy the game and remember that as an Inquisitor, you must purge the unclean!

Descending the Underground Base
At the very start of the game, you enter the main doorway and head into the base; you should note that the LOC statistic starts at one and will increase as you further your path down to the very core of the base, where an unholy evil awaits your arrival.

Every turn, roll a six-sided die and consult the Random Encounter Generator; every four turns, raise your LOC by one as it is assumed that every four turns, you descend a stairway or use an elevator to drop deeper into the base and come across new foes.

When combating enemies roll a six-sided die and score equal to or greater than their “TH” attribute (to hit) to kill them; if you fail, you take one point of damage and roll again until you kill the enemy. Each failure results in one point of damage. When coming across Health Packs and XP gains, simply add them in the correct location of your character sheet; these scores can grow without end, so get scoring.

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7 Responses to “Inquisition”

  1. bal3000 Says:

    I like the basic idea but I think the encounter table needs to be expanded. Why? Because a full game equals 80 turns and 60 of those are going to be fights against the same four enemies. I’d make the ecounter table a d66 table instead (first D6 is tens and the second is ones) and include a range of weapons and equipment to find, and new monsters to encounter (who are fought and fight different depending on the weapons and equipment held by the hero). But it’s a good strong basic idea.

    ..of course, that might require an additional page or two :)

  2. Neuicon Says:

    Thanks for the compliment; I do feel that it did need tons more characters, but I tried so hard to keep it at 1 page. I will, however, extend the game to include several other Chaos enemies and your idea of coming across weapons that may do more damage and such; again, I simply tried to keep it at a simple and basic 1 page game.

    We’ll see how that comes about, and I should be finished with that in about another two days. Thanks, Liam, for the excellent and kind words.

  3. xDungeonMasterx Says:

    Hey Neuicon

    I haven’t played Inquisition yet (solo PNP RPGs aren’t really my thing) but I am a fan of Dungeon Squad: Adventures in the 41st Millenium. I was wondering how the Complete Doctrine of the 41st Millenium was coming along.

    I’m a huge fan of WH40k and liked the accessibility of Dungeon Squad. It was a fantastic idea.

  4. Neuicon Says:

    I am so glad you enjoyed that one; to be honest, we really ended up killing it after coming up with the idea for a Miniature Wargame based off WH40K, taking place in a gladitorial-style arena, which should be finished soon.

    We do, however, have tons of material for the DS40K rpg; I should re-hash it all and post it real soon. Thanks again for the kind words.

  5. Callan S. Says:

    I tried it and got to LOC 6.4. Had a rough start, then a sequence of health packs. But it wasn’t enough and a daemonette chewed me down until I killed her. Next room a chaos marine sealed my fate!

    It’s a really nice base. There might be some way of getting an element in which uses the imagination, into it. But that’d probably take it to a two page thing.

    It’s entirely gamble based, so I don’t have alot of enthusiasm for another go because I can’t really do anything to change where I lost last time. But it was fun to play through!

    What’d be interesting is if you record where certain monsters die, and it affects the next play. Like say the daemonette corpse rots, and when you play again and come across the room the body was in, the bodys parts can be used to make a medi kit. Or made into an extra weapon to add a point to attack until a one is rolled. Or something like that.

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  7. Maverick21470 Says:

    Hey, nice solo RPG. I’m going to post an expansion to it soon, using the 10 sided die for encounter, as well as adding a leveling system and equipment. I was going to use the d66, but I couldn’t find enough encounters, after all 66 *is* a big number… Thanks for the awesome RPG, give me ideas for a d20 version!