January’s Frost

A game of choice and consequence, where several sisters have discovered a valley of untold magic. Now bound to three magics and strange forces, these sisters explore their newfound limitations and powers…

January?s Frost is a game about choices and consequence in a land of fairy-tale magic. From the next part of the story, you will see what I mean clearly. The game requires a spirit of wonder and a bit of concern, not to mention a handful of players. One of these players takes on the role of the sorcerer. They have rather extensive control over the game, and are in many ways like the game-masters (GMs) of other role-playing games. At any one time, the player in the role of the sorcerer is playing a particular sorcerer. The other players take on the role of the sisters, a handful of young women who got a bit too curious one night and with a single choice, inflicted amazing consequence onto themselves. Well, now I can get back to the second part of the story.


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