Left Coast

In Left Coast, you play semi-famous science fiction authors living in late 196Os California. The game’s inspired by the lives of people like Philip K. Dick and L. Ron Hubbard.

As an author, you try to balance writing with dealing with your everyday lives and problems (marriage, children, rent) and the struggle to not go nuts under the strain of your immense creativity.

And your situation is complicated by the fact that one of your friends is writing a novel about you, … and either their plot is bleeding over into your real life or you are slowly becoming aware you might be a fictional character. As a game of Left Coast plays out, you will gradually become enmeshed in an web of weird and unnatural forces – forces who have a plan designed to upset your already-unstable life.

Left Coast is a game for 2-4 players that involves some co-GMing. It’s designed to promote a relaxed exploration of character and setting, with the occasional pretentious flash of meta-narratives, post-modernism, and nuttiness.

Play is divided into chapters or short stories, and every author sets a goal that they’re trying to achieve during that chapter. You can probably play a self-contained short story of Left Coast in about 2 hours, with the option to continue the game for longer (probably between 3 to 6 sessions).


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