Play a circle of fantasy dwarves knocking back a few pints at the local pub, boasting about their heroic exploits. Boast all you like, but once another dwarf shouts, “I’ll Drink To That!” all bets are off, and you may have to Drown Your Sorrow or Go Bottoms Up in order to finish your story. There’s no namby-pamby spending of magic points or anything in this game; prove your mettle and your side of the story by downing more drink than your detractors, and coming out of the pub as the Last Dwarf Standing.

Properly speaking, this is not a “pen and paper roleplaying game.” First of all, this is a roledrinking game. Secondly, there are no pens involved, and the game ought to be printed on the side of a beer stein, not on any namby-pamby paper. So the game to the right is laid out to fit on a stein available through cafepress.com hence the sidewaysness — don’t worry, it’s not the alcohol. Not yet, anyway.


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