Gary Wilkens

Empire of the Jade Fist

Friday, December 31st, 2010

In Empire of the Jade Fist, players talk on the role of young experts and master the ancient arts of wushu in the mystical land of Zhong-guo, also known as the Empire of the Jade Fist, after the magical artifact owned by the Emperors of Zhong-guo. Zhong-guo is a vast land full of advanced cities, tiny villages, huge farms, dangerous wildernesses, thick forests, parched deserts, forbidding mountains and wide rivers, populated by wushu masters, scholars, monks, merchants, bandits, villains, magical monsters and many simple common folk trying to avoid all of the above. Will you master wushu or die trying?

World of Xantus

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

In World of Xantus (WoX), players take on the roles of the descendants of humans captured by aliens and transported, for unknown reasons, to another planet. However, soon after depositing the humans on this new world, the aliens promptly and mysteriously died, leaving behind their huge Ship, its nearly incomprehensible technology, and 1000 scared-out-of-their wits people. The planet, called by the aliens “Xantus” (human pronunciation and spelling, and one of the few things the aliens communicated to their abductees), is large, hot, and covered in deep, thick jungles filled with very hostile plants and animals. Many of the humans died not long after the Abductors, due to starvation, alien diseases, and conflict, but about 300 survived and managed to master to some degree the aliens’ technology.

Colony Space

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

A campaign setting, with supplemental rules, for the Those Dark Places game system, by Jonathan Hicks. In the year 2704, humanity, after nearly eliminating itself several times through war, disease, financial collapse, cultural malaise, environmental devastation, or all of these at once, has spread out to inhabit a volume of the galaxy approximately 10,000 light years across.This book, with its sourcebooks, describes the politics, culture, economics, militaries, religions, etc. or this universe, and includes rules additons and refinements to TDP.