Jacob X

Regis Furor

Wednesday, September 14th, 2005

You are psychic. You have the ability to change lives, alter the course of humanity–but to do so, you must surrender yourself to rage.

Regis Furor is a 24-Hour RPG (a roleplaying game started and completed within 24 hours) about characters transcending their weaknesses and the innate violence of their special powers to do great things.

The system is a modified version of Bloodworks, a previous RPG project. The game has been fully rewritten (not copied and pasted) to comply with a yet-to-be-revealed updated version of the system.


Wednesday, June 8th, 2005

Bloodworks is a generic RPG designed to create conflicted characters for a variety of genres. Though generic, Bloodworks is designed to be flavorful and to provide a character a constant threat–his own “dark side.”

Vitally, there are two parts to each character: his Face and his Bane. A character’s Face is what is usually seen in the game; it’s every part of the character that he has worked on or picked up, his skills, occupation, and niche. A character’s Bane is the part of him that tries to hold him back.

Each character occupies a distinct niche in the game, his/her Title. A Title implies something about the character; it should explain some of what he can do and his background. A good Title would be The Runaway Girl. The Title tells us what we need to know–the biggest factor in her background and perhaps some of her skills. It’s slightly binding, but not too much. A poor Title would be The Fighter. “Fighter” is too general to be effective; a better Title would be The Barroom Brawler, The Jaded Gunman, or The Alleyway Knifer.