Sandy Antunes

Doom: Semper Fidelis

Thursday, August 24th, 2006

In ‘Doom: Semper Fidelis’, you can enjoy a quick solo RPG based on the computer game ‘Doom[tm]’. Be the Space Marine who travels to Phobos to kill lots of demons in order to save Earth. Then see if any of your soul remains after serving your world. “D:SF” is a quick read at 5 pages, requires a 6-sided die plus paper and pencil, and plays in under 3 minutes. This somewhat abstract slayfest will test your ability to choose goals, prioritize, and navigate a bizarre and random set of challenges while keeping true to yourself, your mission, and the Marine Corp. Failure… is an option.

UAC researchers on Mars’ moon of Phobos have inadvertently opened a gate into an infernal realm. Demons have plunged through and slain everyone on the base. It is now a beachhead for a demonic invasion of Earth. A soul survivor remains on Phobos, a lone individual who must fight the forces of Hell itself. That survivor is you– and you, my friend, are first and foremost a Marine.

As a marine, you have loyalty to the Corp and to your Country, for the rest of your days and beyond. And so you must travel through the 6 levels of demonic hell on Mars in order to stop the demon invasion of Earth.

You will face former marine Sergeants and heavy weapon soldiers, now mind-controlled into being your enemy. Strange demonic fireball-shooting Imps and pink gorilla-like Demons, plus their invisible kin the Spectres. The dead humans were turned into the flying skulls dubbed Lost Souls. Strange gaseous Cacodemons float the halls. Barons of Hell and the larger Hell Knights lead the forces. A Cyberdemon giant and the Spider Mastermind will threaten you. Will you prevail?

A Man Called Tribe

Tuesday, March 21st, 2006

Man Called Tribe is a lovely game set on the glass shores of chaotic green seas, where you play the group consciousness of the Joyful neolithic tribes that fight the Wurms in a barbaric postpostmodern world.


All the tribes live on the melted glass plains that surround the ancient Dead Places. Your plains are surrounded by the green Seas. If your tribe enters the twisted metal and concrete of the Dead Places, you die. This brings you sorrow. If your tribe enters the green Seas, you die. This also brings you sorrow.

Thus your tribe lives in the Middle Lands, the glass plains that are your home. The middle lands are a joyful place. Even your dreamers, those who sleep for the tribe, feel the joy.

Wurms form from the green Seas and visit your glass plains. Your hunters kill them and your tribe eats them. This gives you sustenance and brings you joy. Sometimes, they kill your hunters. This brings you sorrow.

When you meet other tribes, that is a time of celebration. You can procreate. You can war with them. You can trade. These are joyous things.

Sometimes your scouts find relics from the Ancient Times. This is handy and also brings you joy. And sometimes a scout will find an Outcasta person who is not of any tribe. Giving the Outcast a tribe brings joy to all.

When the silver notmoon covers the sun, the green seas recede and your dreamers stir. This is called the Awakening, when all tribes go to the notDead Place under the sea. Things change then. Joy is expressed. Outcasts appear. A small silver notStar rises. The whole tribe sleeps. The ancient term for this is Death. It is a joyous thing, for a new tribe will awaken.

Founding Fathers

Friday, May 27th, 2005

The RPG of 1776 America. You are all the signers of the Declaration of Independence, about to carve out a new republic as you debate over wine at the house of a revolutionary. We recommend you drink while playing this game in order to get in kinship with your character. Purely for roleplaying purposes.

The Monitors

Sunday, October 3rd, 2004

“The Monitors”, a combat-free RPG about conflict and domination in the near future.