Scott Wylie Roberts

Seeded Space

Monday, May 28th, 2012

This is a game of space adventure, set in a distant galaxy. Inside these 112 pages you will find 7 character classes, 9 races (including humans, animal hybrids, and artificial life), over 80 psychic powers, hundreds of special tech items, many alien and genetically engineered creatures (some familiar from fantasy role-playing and others all new), plenty of random tables (including a recipient of Honourable Mention in Fight One’s Contest for Random Tables), and a campaign setting to help you explore frontier colonies, aging space stations, and endless worlds of adventure.

There is also a short adventure to help you get started, Epsilon Outpost, which was an entry in the 2010 One Page Dungeon Contest and can be reused any number of times.

On the other side of the universe, millions of years in the past or future, faster-than-light ships are comparatively recent, genetic engineering is commonplace, and countless worlds and systems were seeded with life millennia ago.

Welcome to Seeded Space.

Travellers Of The Wasteland

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Travellers of the Wasteland (TOTW) is a fantasy role-playing game. It is set in a magical otherworld known as the Wasteland, a place of mystery, danger, and adventure. This is a world to be explored, through decision-making and daring; a fabulous realm as hauntingly familiar and maddeningly distant as a dream.

Travellers of the Wasteland is a nostalgia game. It seeks to emulate the author’s first fantasy game world, which was inspired by the Fighting Fantasy and Basic D&D games.

To play, you will need: pencils, paper, some dice (the ordinary six-sided kind), a few friends, a fair amount of imagination, and of course this game.

Monster Faire Card Game

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

The Monster Faire Card Game is a card game (obviously). In it, the players take on the roles of Mad Scientists. They live in crumbling old manors near the town of Beastly Vale, and compete in building Monsters from parts of dead bodies and bringing them to life. Requires two standard decks of playing cards, and recommended for three to six players. While not a true role-playing game as such, possession of role-playing skills will enhance the play experience.

About this Game
The Monster Faire Card Game is (at present) a free PDF game that may be distributed freely
and played by anyone, provided no one (other than the creator) makes any profit from it.

Beastly Vale
The town of Beastly Vale lies in a forested valley. It is a simple rural woodland town that
never has anything interesting or important happen to it – or so they say. For there are plenty
of dark and scary stories told around town about the Mad Scientists who live in manors outside
of town, and nobody likes to be caught outside after nightfall.

Mad Scientists
A number of Mad Scientists live near Beastly Vale, experimenting in their manors and not
keeping healthy hours. Strange lights are seen at night, and paths leading from the manors to
the local graveyard are kept in suspiciously good repair. Oh, whatever could they be up to?

The Monster Faire
Being in correspondence with each other, as members of the New Prometheus Society, the
Mad Scientists have decided to hold a Monster Faire. They are going to compete in creating
hideous new life! Whoever’s monster is the last one standing wins. If their monster is
especially fearsome, they may even win the Promethean Scholarship.